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So Why I Recommend The DotCom Secrets By Russell Brunson?

The proven Dotcom Book Secrets will help you grow your business through effective methods for finding potential customers and ways to convert potential customers into real customers online and offline. They share with you is all the scripts necessary to create a sales funnel, i.e., email scripts, landing page scripts, OTO scripts (one - time offer) ...

So, instead of not knowing how to start from scratch, I recommend that you learn from someone who did it. One of them has created a successful online business and can reliably explain what works and what doesn’t.
I'm talking about Russell Brunson, and in this review, I'm going to show you what Russell did in the DotCom Secrets Book - The Underground Map is helping your business grow online.
What is DotcomSecrets?

It is a book written by ClickFunnels founder Russell Brunson, and he shares the secrets he learned about driving online sales. In this book, he provides a detailed guide that helps entrepreneurs start, promote, and grow their businesses by creating and using sales funnels.
Russell's book, published in 2015, is a great combination of strategies for making money through online business. It focuses on a ton of actionable tips to help people sell online and profit from it.
The book contained 254 pages and was written in an engaging tone and friendly language for beginners, to allow readers to understand the strategies without much difficulty.
You will find many examples and stories of the author's success in this book. He combined some of the secret strategies that helped him succeed in his online business. There are a ton of people who are already benefiting from Russell's ideas.
Who should get the DotCom Secrets book?

This book is for anyone who wants to take their business to the next level
It is for anyone who wants to start a business and wants to understand what creates a successful business.

The book is for entrepreneurs and businesses who want to understand how they can model their business ethically and achieve similar results in their business.
It is the card of a successful business

It's a great book for entrepreneurs, online or offline, business owners, digital marketers, affiliate marketers, companies, consultants, network marketers, bloggers, anyone who has or promotes a product or service that wants to learn how to attract, convert, close and build their tribe.
Let's check out what is in Dotcom's secrets

This book is divided into five sections. All sections will be presented step by step so that you understand online business, funnels, and how to make money from it. The details of the five sections are as follows.
Ladders & Funnels

You cannot expect to succeed overnight. Make it progressive. For example, no one will buy an expensive product from the first day. You will need to gain confidence.
A value ladder will teach you how to start with cheaper products, and then you can introduce products with increasing value and price. When customers are satisfied with your cheaper products, they find your premium products worth it.
In this section, Brunson begins by first identifying the client of his dreams. Questions Russell wants you to ask yourself:
• "Who do I really want to work with?"
• "Where can I find them?"
• "What bait can I use to attract them?"
• "What results should I give them?"

After defining this, he introduces the concept of the value ladder. He concludes section 1 with one of my favorite lessons from the book. He talks about the three types of traffic that will enter your funnel and climb your value ladder:

The traffic you have - This is the best type of traffic because it is your email list that you have created. It is traffic that you do not need to buy from another person or business. You can sell to your list over and over again, and it will be all profit.

The traffic you control - This is traffic where you can tell where to go. For example, if you buy an ad on Google or Facebook, you can control where the traffic goes when they click on your ad. You have no traffic (like Google or Facebook), so your goal is to get them to join your mailing list.
The traffic you don't control - it's traffic that "pops up." This is traffic from social media, Google searches, YouTube, etc. The purpose of this traffic is to convert them into traffic that you have by joining your mailing list.
Communication funnel

This section will discuss communication funnels. Russell will teach you about the importance of an attractive character and its importance for a funnel. The attractive character will have the same problems or pain points as their potential buyer.
In this case, your prospect may sympathize with you and your story. You can develop personal contact and build a relationship of trust with your customers by telling your story correctly.
The attractive character is an online character who will attract people to you and help you create followers. Russell says, "it's one of the most important steps you can take to make sales."
There are 4 elements for an attractive character.

• A backstory - you want a story related to the product you sell
• Parable speaking - You want to have short, easy-to-remember stories that illustrate a relevant point
• The ability to share character faults - Being able to share your faults will create a connection with your audience.
• It's a polarizing figure - you don't want to be neutral because neutral is boring. Stand for something!
The next part of Section 2 goes through two effective email sequences that you can use to stay engaged and connect with your audience.
The first is the Soap Opera Sequence. This email sequence will help you connect with you and your audience.

All of its content is dedicated to helping create millionaires. And as a result, he created more than 200 millionaires who are part of his.

The strategy is to get your subscribers to want to open each of your emails.

The next email sequence is the Daily Seinfeld Sequence.

 The Daily Seinfeld Sequence are the emails you send to your audience to maintain the relationship. These are no special emails, just random episodes, and stories, but their goal is to get people back to what you're selling.

After believing that he has learned almost everything about the funnel, Russell will deliver more. In the third section, you will learn how to create a funnel, use it, and manage it in the best possible way for maximum benefits. In addition, it will help you with the building blocks of the funnel and how and where to use them for maximum impact.
This section is about sales funnels and what makes a funnel successful.
The first part of this section explains a term, you will hear a lot if you enter the ClickFunnels ecosystem, and that is "Funnel Hacking."
What is funnel hacking? It is the process of finding successful sales funnels for others in your niche. Then reverse engineer what they're doing to find out where the traffic is coming from.
Russell details how to turn your competitors' traffic into your traffic.
The next section discusses the seven phases of a sales funnel.
Understanding these phases will help you understand the difference between a six, seven- or eight-digit business.

Funnels and Scripts

In the three sections above, you will get a better understanding of emails, sales, and communication funnels. But there is still much to learn. Russell will help you run your funnel using his proven scripts.
For example, in a subsection, it provides the perfect webinar script, which shows you how to create your story and your sales process.

In this section, Brunson discusses his best sales funnels in detail.
He teaches the strategy behind each funnel and the structure of its operation. It provides the templates you can use, and you just need to add the elements of your attractive character that will make these funnels work.

The seven funnels are:

• Two-Step, Free-Plus-Shipping Funnel
• Self-Liquidating Offer Funnel
• Continuity Funnel
• The Perfect Webinar Funnel
• Invisible Funnel Webinar Funnel
• Product Launch Funnel
• High Ticket, Three-Step Application Funnel

The last section is a small bonus, on the power of ClickFunnels software.
In this chapter, Russell shows you step by step on how to create your own funnel in ClickFunnels.
ClickFunnels is a comprehensive marketing tool that provides everything you need to successfully create the types of sales funnels that Russell teaches you in the book.
You are not required to have any knowledge of coding at all, be a technician, or know how to design to use ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels makes building funnels quick and easy.
How to earn money with the DotCom Secrets book?
The one and the only way to make money with this book is to implement the strategies and techniques mentioned in it. It is a book written by a marketer with many years of experience for another distributor, showing what to do and what not to do to be successful in this industry.
Another way to make money with this book is to: promote it and participate in the clickfunnels affiliate program.
It is a great affiliate program to participate in because it is surrounded by the best marketers, the best courses, and the best environment. You do not win with money from the sale of DotComSecrets, but on the back end, you will receive 40% of any ClickFunnels program bought by anyone through your affiliate link.
What is the price of DotComSecrets?

Hard copy costs $ 14.80 on Amazon to date
But it is available on the clickfunnels site , and you have to pay to ship and handling only $ 7.95 in the United States and maybe slightly higher if shipped outside of the United States.
Russell generally gives all his books like this one, expert secrets, and network marketing secrets for free.

A few things to note about the DotCom Secrets
There are two things I should tell you before you buy this book.
Firstly, it is mainly aimed at those who have a certain type of product / service / software that sells online. If you are making money with other methods, such as blogging or affiliate marketing, you will find it a little more difficult to use this book. To get the full value of DotCom secrets, you must have something to sell online.
Secondly, I must inform you that this is a very advanced book. If you're new to the online world, this book can be a bit difficult to digest. However, I still recommend that you buy it, as you will have to learn these things at some point if you want to be successful online. Be warned that you may need to perform it step by step.
My last thoughts
Russell did a great job of tackling a complicated subject and making it easier to understand.
I liked DotCom Secrets because it is a very practical book - it provides the tools and information you need to get started right away.
Yes, it provides the theory that explains why things work and why you have to do things a certain way, but it also provides, in black and white, sales funnels and email templates - you can copy them out of the book and put them to work.
If you are selling something online - product, service, or software - you must have this book and understand these principles. They are essential for increasing your sales and improving conversions.
As the hotline suggests, this is all you need to know to grow your business online.

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.