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Why You Should Get Network Marketing Secrets by Russell Brunson

If you are a network marketer, there is a revolutionary book called Network Marketing Secrets that you need to add to your collection ... (and since you can get it for free, why not ... right?)
… And Russell Brunson PAYS for your copy of the book… for a very limited time, I'm sure.
All you cover is the shipping fee
Why should you read this book?

What most people don't know is that before Russell Brunson launched ClickFunnels, it was:
• The number 1 distributor in two different companies ... at the same time! (and at the time, nobody in these companies knew who he was)
• In fact, he won a Ferrari for being the largest producer of one of these companies (and he and his wife took it from Las Vegas to Boise on the longest Ferrari trip ever made)
• He helped generate more than 1.6 million leads in just 6 weeks for a new business ... (more than 200,000 of these leads were directly in his own downline)
• And he did everything without talking to anyone ... never (which is very important for him, because he is afraid to talk to people .. haha)
It's like Russell takes a flashlight and shows everything that people are doing wrong in network marketing ...
If you have already said to yourself:
• "I thought I would already be ahead of my business ..."
• "Why can't I get more people to join my team?"
• "How do I find the crowd who really wants to hear about my opportunity?"
… So here is the book you should read.

Network Marketing Secrets is an Absolute Game Changer

If you're in the network marketing game, this book is an absolute game-changer, and you need it in your sales funnel toolbox (especially since you can get it for free, why not do it now)
This book offers alternatives to the form of cold prospecting. Gathering new prospects is an essential part of any business. Today, the way to collect leads is forever evolving, but it depends on you staying in the game.
The idea of sales funnels is far from a new concept. This idea has been used for many years, but the way we execute and use it just becomes easier and more vital than ever. The Internet has long since replaced the need for a phone and is doing so quickly with the need for a website when it comes to collecting leads.

Section 1 – The Three Lost Funnels:

In the book, the three lost funnels that have worked for many years for network marketers are discussed in detail.
The network marketing secrets begin with Russell speaking of "the journey of a network marketer." He says there are four different stages that every new network marketer goes through. These stages are the NFL club, the anti-sales dept, the clone wars, and the homeless with a Ferrari.
I'm not going to reveal them all, but I had a moment of a-ha when I thought about these "phases / steps." When you start promoting an MLM / network marketing business, you usually promote it to your friends because it is a low risk, low entry barrier. Russell Brunson calls the NFL Club No Friends Club since all your friends will eventually get tired of you promoting them.

Lost Funnel #1 The Bridge (aka Three-Way Call)

I'm sure there has been a time when you had a 3-way call with the project manager and his prospects before? All you have to do is simply bring a perspective to your leader, do they tell a unique story, explain the offer, and sell the product to you? The bridge funnel makes it simple and seamless.
After making a few three-way calls, you can create and use your own story or script and share your experience with your potential customers ... It becomes an incredible way to double the size of your team. It is best to get the book because it explores the unique strategies of how it works and takes us to the incredible strategies found in the Expert Secrets book.
Lost Funnel #2 Home Party Selling

Have you ever attended a party or event organized by someone you know because they support a friend? This home party funnel works the same way and works like magic.
Why do these home parties work like a charm? For a psychological reason. The fear of losing. If I'm at a party and I see people buying something, I automatically think it's a good thing, and I don't want to miss this great opportunity, especially if it's a limited offer.
This strategy also becomes powerful when members learn that they will be rewarded with free products for hosting their own Home Party. So this house party funnel is also incredibly powerful, and you'd be crazy not to know more about it in the free book.
Russell says home party selling is extremely effective because:
• The atmosphere is not under pressure; people are there because they are interested
• Create FOMO (fear of missing out) - When we see other people buying, human psychology sets in, you also want to buy
• You can demonstrate the product and the benefits
• The party host will probably tell you how he got the product for free - because he organized this party at home -> leading to future parties organized by members of the public
• This is how duplication begins
Lost funnel # 3 The hotel meeting

This is where you have the opportunity to expose a large group of people to the product and the opportunity you offer. This sales funnel has been a huge success with the recruiting process.
The last of the three lost funnels by Russell Brunson is The Hotel Meeting. The hotel meeting funnel was designed to present the product to potential customers, creating an opportunity to make money.
Russell says that the best network marketers who have the best teams close the product / opportunity to people at hotel meetings and then make an offer to the public that they cannot refuse.
They will tell them to bring their friends next time and close them too, making money for those who originally joined. Power is in the process of duplication.

Section 2: The viral loop

Russell Brunson talks about what he calls the viral loop, which is the key not only to sell someone in the network marketing opportunity but also to create a duplication among your recruits.
Viral Loop is the key not only to sell to your prospects but also to recruit new prospects to create a duplication that will increase your downlines!
Network Marketing Secrets informs you about these 4 different phases of the viral loop. Those are:
• The Epiphany Bridge script
• The demo
• Call to Action (CTA)
• Duplication
The most important of these is the Epiphany Bridge, and Russell Brunson has done an entire chapter of the "Epiphany Bridge in his book, which is the Expert Secrets Book.

Stage 1: the epiphany bridge

He claims that people buy according to their emotions, not according to their logic, so it's okay to stop all high-tech language and make it personal. Learn how to tell the story of how you came to your product and how it changed your life. The occasion that involves the emotional side of the story or why you fell in love with the product. People subconsciously persuade themselves to buy if they fall in love with your story.

Step 2: Live demo

Now is the time for you to set up a live webinar with your new prospects to show what you are offering.

Step 3: Call to action

This is the step that makes most buyers and marketers a little worried. You are now at the point where you are asking potential buyers to part with their money.

Step 4: Duplication

This is the real key to making money with network / MLM marketing. This is how you get what you are really trying to do, and with ClickFunnels, nothing could be easier.
Sections 3 and 4 of the book really detail the three sales funnels and parts of the funnel and how to create them. Therefore, it is best to read it for yourself if you want to take network marketing seriously.
If you are looking for a serious way to develop your network marketing activity through automation, forgetting cold calls and old networks. You need to add this book to your library. Get it for free, just pay small shipping and handling fees. You get instant access to the e-book.
Expert Secrets covers many topics on the 132 pages, and Russel makes it clear that network marketing is not for everyone. The book explains how most of the network marketing sites fail and cause them to lose customers, how to rise above the sea of network marketers, and create a unique selling point and lesson number one that 'he discovered through his many years of experience.

Is it worth it?

This book is definitely suitable for network marketers, and for this reason, I haven't put it on my list of must-reads for affiliate marketers, especially those just starting out. That said, whether you are a network marketer or someone who is looking to learn everything you can about all aspects of marketing, this book can be a game-changer for your business and your life.
Some of the advice and wisdom in these pages can transform the way you do things and update your skills drastically.

The Upsells in the funnel

There are also a few "upsells" offered in this book funnel. The first upsell is the "Black Box," which contains other books by Russell Brunson. It's a nice update because everything that Russell Brunson writes is priceless.
The other Upsell is the One Funnel Away Challenge. A funnel challenge for 30 days with daily tasks and training by Julie Stoian and Stephen Larsen.
The last upsell in network marketing secrets is traffic secrets. Traffic Secrets is a comprehensive course for driving traffic to your sales funnel.

A final verdict on Network Marketing Secrets

I hope you enjoyed my Network Marketing Secrets review.
The Network Marketing Secrets book is a guide, where Russell Brunson literally walks you through each funnel and tells you exactly what you need to do with each funnel to be successful.
It includes detailed instructions to get your funnels up and running quickly. It even reveals 10 different traffic sources that you can connect to in order to direct visitors to your new funnels.
I think the book is amazing; I learned a lot from reading it even when my main niche is not network marketing. There is something for every taste. At the time of our review, you can get the book for free, and you just have to pay the shipping and handling fees (which seems fair). I recommend this book.
The only downside to the book for me is that it's a bit short. 104 pages of photos don't offer much to read. I would love a longer version because there were so many good things in the book! Another drawback can be the long shipping period (it can take two to three weeks for your book to arrive).
You can even buy several copies and deliver them to your downlines as a price / gift.

Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels or its parent company, Etison LLC.