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Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson

If you get this great book and read it from start to finish, you will learn many things that will make your funnels more effective. I can also help here by discussing this in this article.
What Is Traffic Secrets All About?

You and I are aware of the importance of traffic for any online business. Whether this traffic comes from paid sources or not, this is essential, because, without it, you will not get leads that can be converted into sales.
If you find yourself stuck in the following situations, Traffic Secrets is perfect for you:
• Your business is not doing well now, and you are looking for new ways to refresh it
• You sell a physical product and want to know how Amazon and other e-commerce platforms can drive traffic to your own website.
• You currently have no services or products, but are looking for ways to make money online; did you hear that affiliate marketing is the right way to go
• You use a variety of traffic targeting strategies, but think you need to diversify your methods
And that's why you really need to get your hands on this book and the course. This will give you an idea of how to create the right traffic system. Later, you will thank yourself for having the courage and the time to continue this exercise.
We will discuss this later.
What you will learn from traffic secrets

First, you will discover the three types of traffic and how to maximize each to your advantage. These are:
• Warm Traffic
• Hot Traffic
• Cold Traffic
There is a big distinction between these types.
Warm traffic refers to people who know there are solutions to their needs, even if they don't know your service or product. When they search your questions on Google, they usually look for the "best article for their (needs)."
Hot traffic means that people know what products they want because of an urgent need. They are almost there to make a purchasing decision. You will learn that they are expensive to target via paid ads, although you can get the highest conversion from this type of traffic.
Finally, cold traffic indicates people who simply do not know of any service or product that meets their concerns. Usually, when they do their research, they precede their questions with "how to."
Cold traffic is the cheapest to target with paid traffic.
In addition, you can get these nuggets from each of the 24 modules of this Traffic Secrets course:
1st module:
This module serves as a fundamental basis for subsequent modules. You have to understand the concepts well here because you will get lost later.
Key learnings:
• Main concepts, such as domain names, brand, target markets, initial investment, etc.
• Introduction to Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
• Facebook pixels and how to configure them
2nd module:
This is where you will learn how to research your market.
Key learnings:
• Where in the online world seek to your target audience
• Future keywords and search
• Trend tracking, in this case by Google Trends
• What really matters to the market
• What copy of sale or advertisement the market will respond to
• Check your competitors via your forums, advertisements, email lists, etc.
3rd module:
You will discover how powerful a great sales copy can be to drive traffic to your sites.
Key learnings:
• Funnel Scripts, software created by Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards
• Check Again with the Competition with Google Ad Modeling and Word Counting Tools
4th module:
Learn about keyword targeting by seeing the buying intention behind the words.
Key learnings:
• How to use keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Spy, Amazon for Keywords and others
• Build your list of main keywords
• Difference between broad match and exact match
5th module:
Find out how to maximize your email list. Automate email marketing to drive continuous traffic.
Key learnings:
• How Webinars or Virtual Conferences Can Really Expand Your Email List
• How and when to send your emails
• Tips for increasing opt-in fees
• Promote your email list
• How to turn people on this email list to become your loyal subscribers
6th module:
In this module, you will learn how to enroll powerful influencers and websites that can drive traffic to your websites. You will also learn how an affiliate program works here.
Key learnings:
• How to get your affiliates to develop their own list
• The best method to register new affiliates
• Launch contests that will motivate these same affiliates
7th module:
Learn how to get the Amazon Product Advertising API to promote your own website online. This is particularly useful if you are not carrying a lot of items. So that you can fill it out, your online store will not be as empty.
Key learnings:
• How to make price comparisons to drive traffic to your own websites
• Get Kindle books from Amazon to create opt-in leads
• Get your own products listed on these shopping sites
• Find out more about suppliers of Alibaba products
8th module:
You will learn the different methodologies and traffic formulas that will help you to know the real figures related to your business. And you will notice the common mistakes made by online marketers.
Key learnings:
• Ways to Reduce the Cost Per Visitor
• How to increase incoming traffic
• Importance of increasing the average value of visitors
9th module:
This is where you will learn how to place your ads on major channels like Fox, ESPN, CNN, and others. Advice will be provided on how to negotiate media purchases and discover the little-known secrets of sponsorship.
Key learnings:
• Techniques for displaying banners, sponsorships, text ads and more
• Research and obtain the best multimedia creations in your specific market
• Setting up your own conversion tracking
10th module:
As the longest module, you will certainly gain knowledge of Google's own click-through or PPC algorithm platform here.
Key learnings:
• Get high scores on Google Adwords for your own landing pages
• Be able to increase target traffic and generate it via these Google Adwords campaigns
• Use strategically placed keywords
• Maximize the clicks your ads will receive
11th module:
Everything here is about podcasts and how you can use them for your business, even if you don't have time to create them. You will learn how to earn more through podcasting.
Key learnings:
• How to hack Apple iTunes podcast setup for higher ratings
• Outsource your podcasting needs
• How to repurpose your old content
12th module:
The topic here is mobile marketing, an obvious need these days. predicts 2.5 billion smartphone users by the end of this year. You will use this mobile channel to drive traffic to your sites.
Key learnings:
• Learn how mobile apps are created and used to drive traffic
• How to improve the ranking of these same applications on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store
13th module:
This module will be almost similar to the previously discussed.
You want to get people to your funnel. However, it will focus on widgets and software. By simply donating these programs, you can get valuable leads in return.
Key learnings:
• Get new software ideas
• What are the secrets of software development
14th module:
This module concerns Facebook ads. You will learn the theories and applications behind this very powerful marketing tool.
Key learnings:
• Retargeting in Facebook
• Create ads for specific demographic groups
• Creating high-converting ads
• Tracking of these ads
• Tips for Successful Facebook Ads
• Work with the ad manager
15th module:
You will learn more about this concept of retargeting. How important it is to come back to people who have already visited your sites, but have chosen not to buy. Your total customer acquisition costs will be lower here because that customer already has an idea of the item they are selling.
Key learnings:
• What are the most egregious retargeting errors
• Creation of special offers for customers and content campaigns
• Campaigns to generate leads
• Retargeting fatigue and general roughness
16th module:
You travel the world with this specific course. You will learn why tapping into the foreign market is very profitable for your online business.
Key learnings:
• Marketing to foreign languages and English speakers around the world
• Learn more about licensing mechanisms
• Find Cheap Language Translation Service Providers
• Keep an eye on international trends
• How to repurpose your content to foreign markets
17th module:
In this module, it is about social media. You will find out where to use a specific social media platform to target specific niches for lead generation.
Key learnings:
• Discover tips on how to use Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn the right way to generate leads
• Learn how to use Buzzsumo to find high-conversion content and titles.
• How to get a viral effect for your publications
18th module:
You will adopt the strategy of turning visitors who buy nothing from your website into lead magnets. They will end up bringing hot leads later.
Key learnings:
• Combine the power of your different social accounts to allow you to become a promotional engine
• Increase the number of your Facebook shares and likes
• How to Transform Your Own Email List to Become a Traffic Source
• How to organize powerful contests that are sure to attract traffic
19th module:
Here you will learn the main concepts of Google on-page and also on off-page SEO. For the record, the first refers to the optimization of web pages thanks to their HTML code and content, in order to obtain high-level and relevant traffic from search engines. The latter is done through the optimization of links and various external signals.
Key learnings:
• How to use Moz for backlink search
• You will know how to use the right keywords
• Realize the importance of links, cross-links, external links and getting links from other external sources
• Discover WordPress' own content management system
20th module:
You will certainly understand through this module the importance of quality content. This will help you get higher rankings and give to your audience a great value. This type of content will be evaluated by Google, and your own market will love it.
Key learnings:
• Find out what your content should be, and the right format to use
• When and where to share this same content
• How to outsource the creation of this content
• Understand that great content generates organic leads, much cheaper than paid traffic
21st module:
In the 21st module, you will find out how other people's content will be used for your own lead generation. This keeps you from getting hopelessly stuck in the content carpet cycle.
Key learnings:
• How to create round-up articles where a group of experts can drive traffic to your site when they share it with their social subscribers
• Learn how to use other YouTube video and infographic sites to generate leads for your own site.
• How to do powerful case studies
• Collaborate with experts and their clients to get traffic
22nd module:
This module will cover YouTube marketing and allow you to reach your own audience. You will learn how YouTube works to rate videos.
Key learnings:
• Work with YouTube algorithms to rank your videos higher in searches
• Use the right video keywords and optimize your own channel
• Get the right promotion to rank your content better
23rd module:
It's about growing in other markets and getting other types of traffic. You will know when it is time to develop and evolve your business through content and business acquisitions. See that reinvesting in your business is a very solid strategy to follow.
Key learnings:
• Try other traffic generation strategies to complement what is currently working
• How to do split A / B tests
• Learn how to use Pinterest correctly on your website
24th module:
Finally, you will know the importance of having a master plan for all of these chosen strategies. This will be your plan for implementing the main lessons from this course. You will need to strictly follow this plan to achieve your desired goal - to increase traffic to your sites.
Final verdict
We appreciate you for taking the time to read this in-depth course on traffic secrets and book reviews.
Overall, Traffic Secrets may be the most comprehensive course on traffic acquisition ... ever.
Is it perfect?
No, but it's probably the quickest way to update all of the different strategies and tools to drive traffic to your funnel.
In the end, Traffic Secrets can be extremely useful for almost all business owners.

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